WikiLeaks reveal origin of Rajinikanth jokes on internet!

WikiLeaks has been creating a major furore worldwide with its release of sensitive documents. In their latest release they finally manage to trace the origins of the popularity of Rajinikanth jokes on internet. The startling fact in their report is the secret connection between Christmas and Rajinikanth jokes. Read the full story below.

It was the last day of August 2010 when a very bizarre worldwide trending topic appeared on Twitter. The topic was MERRY CHRISTMAS. People wondered why everyone was wishing each other Merry Christmas four months in advance.

At the same time Kartik Dayanand who goes by the id @KartikDayanand on Twitter tried to find out the reason. In a matter of minutes he figured out who initiated this crazy trend and shared his findings with the world in the tweet below.

Mr. Pritish Nandy who was also wondering why Merry Christmas was trending at that time saw this tweet and got curious. He tweeted back Kartik.

Kartik replied with the following tweet explaining how the trend caught fire.

He replied back with the following tweet which was also his last for that day. It seemed that he got into deep contemplation going by the contents of the tweet where he speaks of a lesson to be learnt.

Three days after this interaction Pritish Nandy resurfaces on Twitter again and this time with a mission. He tweets with a hashtag #LessonsfromHollywood and sends a flurry of similar tweets.

1000's of people who follow him on Twitter which includes the Who's Who of the country are stumped as to what he is upto. His behavior seems out of place from his usual style of tweeting. However Kartik figures out immediately what he is upto and tweets this...

He replies back...

Kartik decides to join the fun and tweets a few #LessonsfromHollywood tweets that are ReTweeted by Pritish Nandy.

The trend catches on and people start tweeting and Re Tweeting tweets with this hash tag. They wait and hope it makes to the trending topics list, it doesn't. The topic seems too niche. By the end of the day most of them go back to their routine and forget about this attempt. If one thinks Pritish Nandy has given up hope then its a mistake. He has tasted blood, what he is about to unleash in next couple of days is something that no one ever imagined.


Pritish Nandy hits the right nail this time. #LegendofRajni is his new attempt to make it to the trending topics list. What happened next is something that we need not explain. IT SPREAD LIKE WILD FIRE would be an under statement. What was once the preserve of few emails and sms jokes suddenly caught the fancy of the entire world. A barrage of tweets from Pritish Nandy on the same set the ball rolling...

The number of tweets and re tweets was mind boggling and in no time it became a world wide trending topic. Also within a matter of minutes it spread like wild fire on Facebook too. Since that day, there has been no stopping Rajinikanth jokes on internet. Initial jokes were all rehashed versions of Chuck Norris jokes but as time went by many original Rajini jokes surfaced and they continue to do so at a rapid pace as we write this post.

In conclusion, if ever you have encountered Rajinikanth jokes on internet and loved them or cursed them you now know who is the person responsible for that, @PritishNandy, and @KartikDayanand for planting the seed in his mind. And to think of it all, it would never have started if it were not for Merry Christmas.

Here is wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS once again and we hope Rajinikanth doesn't read this post as we have heard that if he gets pissed off he might actually decide to delete the INTERNET!!!

Till then, bye,
WikiLeaks Team
Ya its me again, the founder @KartikDayanand ;)

PS: All the above tweets are true and not doctored. 
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  1. it's kinda small by ur standard but waiting for tht video blog as u said yesterday .

  2. amazing post ..... a lovely add on sparkle in the Christmas celebrations .... And as far as rajnikant is concerned he must have already given up access to the internet ... ;)

  3. dude this is awesome!!! was thinking of asking you while reading it when saw the post script
    man hats off! :D can proudly tell all i know now who the real culprit is and he is a friend of mine :P

    and do tell mr. nandy to check out small timers and blogs like mine too :)

  4. Dude, u definitely had better posts than this one. IMHO, this was a dud. Btw, am no fan of Rajini or his jokes. :-) Will watch this space!


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