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The World Cup and a Clueless Nation!

The word ‘Clueless Nation’ might look like a bizarre term to use when the whole nation including myself are yet to overcome the euphoria of becoming the world champions of ODI cricket; this victory is like an intoxicating drug that has given us a high. Though I doubt if any one of us has given any thought as to what we are going to do once the hangover is over; we are totally clueless! All I can think of is a void except for the winning team members whose coffers are going to get bigger and themselves richer. It is not like this victory is going to open the floodgates to a million other aspiring young cricketers akin to what Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai did to aspiring models by winning Miss Universe and Miss World titles; cricket is already a very popular sport in India and IPL has only reinforced the lucrative nature of this sport. We have a tendency to whip up things into a state of orgasm but seldom do anything (re)productive with it! We did the same thing few months back whe