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Earth Hour: Hour of Ignorance

Few days back I got a mail from a representative of Earth Hour India to write something about the cause on my blog. At the same time my Twitter time line got bombarded by join the Earth Hour tweets from a popular celebrity. I was amused and just like many other friends of mine tweeted back to the celeb mocking him that it’s a joke to be having the Earth Hour in India. What with the power cuts that we anyways have irrespective of the Earth Hour. It’s a concept that is alien to us and doesn’t work. Reason enough for me not to write anything about it on my blog. I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t find anyone who could convince me. But today, something happened, something that opened my eyes. I realize how ignorant I was and to my horror also realize that most people around me are equally ignorant. Read on to know what happened.

Men, Women & The Politics of Reservations!

Thankfully, there are only two variations of human beings in this world, Men and Women . Keep wondering what would happen if there were more of our kind, like maybe, Apes with brains or Aliens from outer space who want to have a piece of the same pie. Wouldn’t it be so much fun, having some company and competition from the millions of other species on earth and elsewhere, all creations of god. Wouldn’t that take competition and survival to a totally new level?