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India: Republic or Relic?

On 26th January 1950 India became a republic and the constitution was drafted to govern the country. The constitution is nothing but a detailed terms & conditions agreement that tells us how to behave as citizens of this nation and how the country needs to be governed. It is another matter that none of us have ever read a single line from that constitution just like we do with every other terms & conditions agreement. It has been 61 years since these terms & conditions have been defined and very few changes have been made to that document over the years. However the world that we live in has continuously and constantly changed bringing in a tectonic shift in lifestyles and mindsets that are far beyond the comprehension of the people who drafted the constitution decades ago. I wonder if it is fair enough to stick to a constitution that is definitely outdated and has proved beyond doubt to be a failure. The emergence of the politician as the flag bearer and representative