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When Fiction Meets Reality - Part 02

Welcome back to part 2 of my reaction to comments on the ‘3 idiots : Confusing a Nation’ post . Let me start by clearing 4 misconceptions at the outset. ·          I hate 3 idiots ·          I wrote a review of 3 idiots ·          This world doesn’t need Ranchos ·          It’s not important to be passionate in life Well, that’s the first impression I got when I read a majority of the comments. I kept wondering where and when did I say the above. I was stumped literally; things were being written about stuff that I never said in the first place. What do I do then?

When Fiction Meets Reality – Part 01

Expect the Unexpected First and foremost a big thanks to everyone for the amazing comments on the post ‘3 idiots : Confusing a Nation’. I wish we could compile the whole thing and publish as a book. Each and every comment and thought from you guys has made this one of the most mature and intelligent discussions based on a movie anywhere. I salute you all for the sincerity and intelligence in your reactions. Now it is my time to react again. There is a lot I wish to add to the discussion apart from the obviously debatable things and it’s impossible for me to do so in one post. Hence, I plan to do few posts that can discuss in depth and touch upon various issues. This is the first part of few more to come.

3 Idiots: Confusing a Nation!

Ok, so 3 idiots , the current Bollywood flick is officially the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema. An amazing movie with a terrific plotline and characters. Topping it all is the brilliant message it delivers encouraging one to follow the heart, rather than go by the conditioning of parents when it comes to choosing ones profession. At the same time it encourages the pursuit of Excellence rather than the pursuit of Success. A nation agrees but I am a little confused. The issue is not with the message itself, but by the method through which it is conveyed. Let me explain myself.

You can be Superman – Use Twitter

  Wondering what has gone wrong with my mind. Superman and Twitter? Yes indeed, it is a fact and I can prove it. You really can be Superman just by getting onto the Twitter bandwagon. What gives Superman the edge?  Apart from the ability to fly, he is wherever there is danger. He appears at the nick of time to save the day. Always! Let it be any remote corner of the world, as we are still trying to figure out whether what we are seeing is a bird or a plane, there he is, our good old Superman, ready to save the world, yet again. The mighty hero with the cape, the one who wears his underwear inside out, he is undoubtedly the most powerful man on this earth. What is his secret? The power of social networking. He is undoubtedly the man with the most connections in this world. He can hear everything that is happening in any corner of the world. Now, finally, we normal humans can challenge him at his game. All thanks to a little bird and the ubiquitous little‘t’ which when expanded rea