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Happy New Year: Making Sense of Nonsense!

Kids laugh 300 times a day. Adults laugh only 5 times a day! There is no scientific data to prove it, but everyone seems to believe the above numbers. Kids indeed laugh a lot, are happier and seem to have more fun than us adults. Thanks to the pressures of growing up, we often end up losing the kid inside us. The reason I speak about kids and adults in this post is because I find it very amusing to see the extreme reactions to the latest Farah Khan movie Happy New Year. Happy New Year seems to invoke a strange phenomenon - a battle between the kid and the adult within us. By now, I am assuming you already know who you are – the one who laughed out loud while enjoying the movie, or the one who laughed reading the spoofs and reviews of critics who trashed this movie. One is the kid inside you reacting, and the other is the adult. Through this post I would like to explore this phenomenon further. It will probably help explain why I like this film and why you mi