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Raavan: Rocket Science Explained!

It certainly must be rocket science, otherwise how can one explain the conflicting and bizarre feedback for the latest Mani Ratnam movie Raavan. Sample this, most Hindi audiences hate this movie, it’s a huge hit in its Tamil version down south, western critics have hailed it as a masterpiece while our popular Indian critics have trashed it. A small minority swear by this movie and a majority simply hate this movie. How is it possible that one movie can evoke such extreme reactions? What Mani Ratnam has made is something far more controversial than the original man with ten heads. It is a debatable point whether Raavan was a bad man or a victim of circumstances, but the debate whether Raavan the movie is good or bad is even more confusing.  Let me make my stand clear at the outset, I loved this movie, probably  I am the only one to have watched it thrice already within the first week of release, twice in Hindi and once in Tamil, also not to forget the songs in T

Football: Man’s version of God’s Game

Football or soccer as it is called in different parts of the world is undoubtedly the greatest game that man has ever known. In theory it is the simplest of all games. All one needs is a ball and a few people to kick the ball around to one side of the ground into a goal post. The primary function of every player is so basic that it baffles my mind as to how it can be such an engaging sport and a global phenomenon. Wonder if anyone has ever tried to understand the hidden psychology behind the logic of this game. I have thought a bit about it and figured this out finally.   "Football is life in Motion”    Our entire being is captured so beautifully in this simple game, we don’t see the connection immediately but most of us associate with it subconsciously. Let me try and explain further.