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I want to FLY!

Since the time I was a kid, I always wondered how the world would look in the future. When I was 6 years old i participated in a drawing competition where the theme was about the future. I merrily drew pictures of flying cars and buildings with wheels. I was also certain man would fly like superman soon. Fast forward 28 years later. Does the world look anywhere close to what I imagined then? It's nowhere close to that. Never mind. It still doesn't deter me from imagining that man would fly on his own someday. Have you also ever wondered what would really happen to this world if man started flying? Here is what I think....

Death: My new best friend!

“Death comes in many ways; it never comes announced and is always an unwelcome friend.” Death, the one word we all shudder to think about, the one word that shakes us up more than any other word. More so when we lose someone close to us or think we are going to come face to face with it. It is an event that is certain to grace us, whether we like it or not, it’s like an uninvited guest that we need to entertain. Generally unless something like the Mangalore Plane crash happens we never bother to talk about death. Even then we talk only about the event, never about death itself. How many people dead? How did they die? What could have happened if so and so happened? Who broke which story first, etc, etc? But today, i wish to talk about death itself, not about how or why it happened.