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The Curse of Ram Gopal Varma!

There is a bizarre truth about RGV's films!  I have written twice about Ram Gopal Varma on my blog, the first one I called ' The truth about the man ' , and the second 'The De-Evolution of Ram Gopal Varma' . However, the reason why I am writing this mini post today is to share with you a bizarre observation that struck me after the bomb blasts in Hyderabad a week before the release of his next film 'The Attacks of 26/11”.

Kamal Haasan’s true Vishwaroopam!

The movie is running smoothly everywhere, the controversy surrounding it has vanished and it has also stopped trending on Twitter. All that had to be written about it has been written and there is really no point in me saying anything now. Yet, the movie Vishwaroopam refuses to leave my mind; more specifically Kamal Haasan refuses to leave my conscience alone. I have too many demons that I need to exorcise and this blog post is my only means for redemption if I can say so. Before I go on to speak about Kamal Haasan and the movie, I need to first make a confession: I had no inclination whatsoever to watch Vishwaroopam when the promos came out, not even when the DTH controversy broke out! "Respect the Art, Respect the Artist, Respect the Audience - I Support Kamal Haasan" said everyone after Kamal Haasan gave an emotional speech on TV speaking about his plight to release the film in his home state Tamil Nadu. I bought tickets to the film (Vishwaroop – Hindi v