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WikiLeaks reveal origin of Rajinikanth jokes on internet!

WikiLeaks has been creating a major furore worldwide with its release of sensitive documents. In their latest release they finally manage to trace the origins of the popularity of Rajinikanth jokes on internet. The startling fact in their report is the secret connection between Christmas and Rajinikanth jokes. Read the full story below. It was the last day of August 2010 when a very bizarre worldwide trending topic appeared on Twitter. The topic was MERRY CHRISTMAS. People wondered why everyone was wishing each other Merry Christmas four months in advance. At the same time Kartik Dayanand who goes by the id @KartikDayanand on Twitter tried to find out the reason. In a matter of minutes he figured out who initiated this crazy trend and shared his findings with the world in the tweet below.

The Facebook Punch: First Casualty Twitter!

Couple of months back I wrote a blog post called  “The Future of War: A Digital Doomsday”  where I mention that future wars would be fought in the clouds and giant corporations would try to eat each other, in the process only one of them emerging the clear winner. It already looks like Facebook has laid out the framework for its next assault and the first major casualty would be Twitter, followed by Google. One would be mistaken to think it is better technology that is driving Facebook but the fact is, the roots of the future success of Facebook lie in the very nature of human behavior. I will speak in great detail about that in my next post but in this post I would like to specifically talk of how Twitter is on its path to annihilation because of Facebook, and why it is very important for Facebook to do what Twitter does currently.