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Happy Indifference Day!

As a nation we have grown so independent of everything that we are no longer an independent nation but an indifferent nation. We have slowly and steadily got used to the idea of Independence over the last many years. We now have achieved Independence from all things on which we were dependent earlier, like our families, natural resources, culture, traditions, leaders to a million other things. We have become so independent today that all we are left with is a sense of cynicism and ridicule, more so among the younger educated generation that is being fed a constant dose of sarcastic humor about the idea of India. So what happened to us? Allow me to dig a little deeper.

Commonwealth Games 2010: A Plumbing Problem!

It is stale news by now, every single media outlet has been ranting about the rot that is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG) preparation. Most have done a good job in highlighting the sorry state of affairs. Ironically most of us common people along with the media are experts at dissecting dead bodies, good at creating post mortem reports but rarely do we ever propose any remedies to not let anything like this happen in the first place. Not just these games, in fact this is a game that is played out every day in various parts of our country in various departments and sectors. The noise we make about the mismanagement of these games only highlights our ignorance of the way this country functions.  I am glad that the Commonwealth Games are happening in India.  Also extremely glad with the way things are progressing. It is time we woke up to the reality that is India. My above statement could be pretty confusing as to what I really intend to say. Am I excited about the games or am I