Earth is an Aeroplane!

The earth is a huge, gigantic aeroplane on a journey to an unknown destination.

Think about it, the earth is constantly rotating and revolving, never taking rest even for a single day. It’s like a flight on an unending journey; constantly on the move. Have you ever wondered what we are doing here? I wonder too and realise we are all part of the same journey. Where is it heading? We don’t know. How has the journey been so far? Well, let’s see...

Flight of Faith!

When and why this flight began is something none of us are clear about. Who is the pilot? We have no idea. Yet we continue to believe in the journey. We have named this flight as Life and the only factor that drives, rather pilots our belief is Faith. Faith in the belief that there is some power guiding us; most of us call this power GOD!

So has it been a smooth flight so far?

Take off!

In the early days of the flight it had a lot of trouble just like with any other new machine. It underwent a process of enormous change. The landscape of the flight changed dramatically over the millions of years since it took off. Also the inhabitants that once thought they owned this flight were put in place by the powers that ran this flight. Little did the dinosaurs know that they were just passengers on a journey. Now the same fate befits us humans.

Oh, why, what did we do wrong?

In flight entertainment!

When the flight began, it had wonderful options to keep us all engaged forever. Just like the onboard refreshments available on a flight. We were served what we required. But as the popular saying goes, there is enough in this world to satisfy mans need but not mans greed. The same applies to our flight too. We got bored of the onboard menu and created new forms of entertainment and distractions to keep us entertained. We created an entire ecosystem inside an already existing ecosystem. We have also created a class structure within this flight, few sections having better privileges than the others. We conveniently call it evolution and progress.

So are we only to blame for all the problems on this earth? What about all the natural disasters? Isn’t the creator of the flight to blame?

Please fasten your seat belts!

Well! Don’t say we were not warned. Just like the elaborate safety instructions for a safe journey given by airhostesses, we have had a history of instructions from the past. We conveniently choose to ignore them and believe we are invincible. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes are just like turbulence on a flight; unavoidable. The more we tamper with the ecosystem the more at risk we are. Also remember, the flight is not fail proof; it could malfunction anytime. We need to be aware of the risks.

One might ask, why be on this flight in the first place? Aren’t we better off somewhere else?

Check in Check out!

The fact is none of us know why we are here sharing the same journey to a destination unknown to us.

Birth is our boarding pass and Death is our departure lounge.

We have also heard this saying a million times - "Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination." We board this flight to experience something unique, almost like getting onto a fantasy ride in an amusement park. We need to have fun while it lasts and learn something in the process too. And once the journey is over, we go back to where we came from in the first place. So no point worrying about where the amusement ride takes us, it does not take us anywhere, it just gives us an experience of a lifetime. 

If we are scared of this rollercoaster ride then we are missing out on the adventure of a lifetime!

Make the most of this flight; it does not last too long!

Also, you never know which flight you are going to board next and where it is going to take you!

Till then, Cheers!!!
Kartik Dayanand Boddapati

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