Friday, October 25, 2013

Gravity and the secret sauce of life!

Philosophy behind the movie Gravity - Kartik Dayanand's blog

Life in space is impossible!

The movie ’Gravity’ begins with this ominous line, and for the next 100 odd minutes  it is an immersive roller-coaster ride following astronauts marooned in space.

As the tag line of the movie ‘Don't let go’ suggests, survival of the characters in the film depends on - holding on to things, letting go off things and reaching out for the right things at the right time. This in essence is the simple storyline of the film.

The above scenario reminded me of how similar life on earth is to the one the movie showed us. For survival, we all do the same three things - hold on, let go and reach out; though not literally like in space but in a very metaphorical and invisible way. This is the secret sauce that I am going to speak about in this post.  If you were expecting a review of the movie Gravity, I am sorry to disappoint you.

So here it goes...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Telangana Ki Daaredi

Kartik Dayanand - Telangana Ki Daaredi - Mind u Read

If you know the language or follow Telugu films, you obviously know the inspiration behind the title of this post. For those who wonder what it means...this title is based on the recent blockbuster Telugu film Attarintiki Daaredi (which way to my in law’s house?) starring Pawan Kalyan. I have used the same format, replacing the word ’Attarintiki’ (in law’s house) with ’Telangana’ - the new state proposed to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh (AP).

But Telugu is a tricky language, the word Daaredi in the context of my blog could give the title two different meanings...

Which way to Telangana?
Is there a way out for Telangana?

Similarly, the questions surrounding and supporting the creation of Telangana are quite tricky. They sound logical when viewed from one side and extremely illogical from another angle. Most people I know are oscillating between both the angles or are plainly indifferent. To be honest, I was indifferent too, but the more I think about the reasons why Telangana is being created, the more bizarre they seem to me. Through this blog post I would like to highlight some of those points.

I was warned in advance that this is a sensitive topic and I should tread carefully, especially where it concerns Hyderabad. I see no reason why I shouldn't speak my mind, that too when I come from that region. If you want to counter my views you are most welcome to leave your comments below so that everyone can see your side of the story too. Here goes my version...