Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The World Cup and a Clueless Nation!

The word ‘Clueless Nation’ might look like a bizarre term to use when the whole nation including myself are yet to overcome the euphoria of becoming the world champions of ODI cricket; this victory is like an intoxicating drug that has given us a high. Though I doubt if any one of us has given any thought as to what we are going to do once the hangover is over; we are totally clueless!

All I can think of is a void except for the winning team members whose coffers are going to get bigger and themselves richer. It is not like this victory is going to open the floodgates to a million other aspiring young cricketers akin to what Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai did to aspiring models by winning Miss Universe and Miss World titles; cricket is already a very popular sport in India and IPL has only reinforced the lucrative nature of this sport.

We have a tendency to whip up things into a state of orgasm but seldom do anything (re)productive with it!

We did the same thing few months back when Saina Nehwal clinched that gold medal in the badminton final at CWG 2010 and also when AR Rahman won the Oscars. We gloated over their achievements and today only remember them through the endorsements they appear in. What happened to all our patriotism from then? Did we benefit in any way from those victories?

My tone might suggest that I am a cynic but in this blog post I rather choose to focus on how we can convert this enormous victory into something that we can all continue to be proud of even many years from now.

Here goes my plan, you tell me yours...