Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Fiction Meets Reality - Part 02

Welcome back to part 2 of my reaction to comments on the ‘3 idiots : Confusing a Nation’ post . Let me start by clearing 4 misconceptions at the outset.

·         I hate 3 idiots
·         I wrote a review of 3 idiots
·         This world doesn’t need Ranchos
·         It’s not important to be passionate in life

Well, that’s the first impression I got when I read a majority of the comments. I kept wondering where and when did I say the above. I was stumped literally; things were being written about stuff that I never said in the first place. What do I do then?

Contest for Critics – Zero Entries

I figured out the easiest way to change this misconception was to hold a contest. A contest that challenges the reader, to find the exact line or lines that imply the above. Guess how many answers I got, NONE. Cause if one reads carefully I never said any of the above and did not intend them in anyway. I enjoyed the movie as much as everyone else and maybe more than anyone else too.

My post was never meant to be a review of the movie, if it were a complete review  it would be more on the lines of my earlier post on ‘Avatar’ which is more of an analysis of the entire movie , including the technicalities and story. How could I ignore the other important characters of the film like the amazing Viru Sahastrebuddhe aka Virus or the other two idiots Raju and Farhaan. I keep wondering what would have happened if I had spoken for Virus too, maybe I would have been banned from this country and got my citizenship revoked.

Rancho vs Chatur – Be dammed, Mickey Mouse is my Hero:

All the stuff about Rancho vs Chatur was meant to highlight a sensitive issue from the movie that speaks of losers in life and Chatur being made the role model for that. According to me, this misconception had to be cleared and Chatur needed the dignity that he deserved.  When I say Chatur, I don’t literally mean the character in the film but the countless millions of people who are stuck with the professions not of their choice or passion but still living a great life. This list also includes the countless housewives who have sacrificed many things in their life and are content taking care of their families and watching TV soaps. They are in no way less than any Genius or passionate person like Rancho. One of the comments on the post was it’s still a Rat race, even if you win, you are a rat at the end. It’s this very idea that I wanted to highlight. Who are we to look down upon Rats, they too deserve their place in this world. Don’t forget the famous cousin of the rat ‘Mickey Mouse’, probably the most lovable character ever. Even a rat needs to have its place in the sun.

The ALL IZZ WELL mantra

Before I proceed, to talk about one of the most popular character from the movie, VIRUS. Let me quickly touch upon the ALL IZZ WELL mantra. Readers Digest and books of Dale Carnegie were the staple diet throughout my growing up years. Especially the book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, being one of my all time favourites by Dale Carnegie. I always wondered how this world would be such a better place only if people just started reading this book. Luckily, for most people Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra have now made a trilogy of movies that speak of a lot of virtues and morals from this book. In case you haven’t read the book yet, you must do it at the earliest or atleast watch the films these guys have made. The makers of the film need to be applauded for this intention alone even if nothing else would have worked.

Virus infected System

How can one discuss about a popular movie without mentioning one of the most important characters of the film. Virus the character reflects the virus that afflicts the education system. The one point that has made the maximum connect with the audience as we all have been or still are products of the same system.

Great points have been highlighted about the education system. Everything is true to a great extent. What the movie does best is to let the audience know that one needs to question the system and seek answers rather than accept things blindly the way they are. Best example being, the Space Pen vs Pencil episode. That one scene is enough to set the mind thinking and is worth the price of the movie ticket. Yet, somewhere I feel this movie should have been made at least 15years ago. The youth of today is far more educated and informed or at least have the means to be better informed. That was an era before the internet arrived and college professors or libraries were the only means for information. Thanks to Google and Wikipedia, now that’s history.

Networked Generation

The 90’s can be called the age of Cable television or the MTV generation, the 00’s the age of internet and mobile phones and now it’s the age of Social Networking. So, the moment I write something, I have feedback in an instant. Quite a few are from school students, as young as in 7th grade. Do we really believe that these kids who don’t think twice before questioning a strangers opinion won’t question their parents or professors too. Your guess is as good as mine. One might ask, but what about the underprivileged? We are talking only about a minuscule section of society. What about all the poor students who don’t have access to such means?

This is where I think the real issue lies. The movie focuses on a part of the system, mostly on parental pressure and rote learning. To have a true revolution in the field of education, the need of the hour is to address real issues like Population, Poverty and to an extent Reservations based on Caste. Yes, these 3 issues are far more real and the primary cause for the right talent not getting into the right institutions. To discuss this matter in relation to this movie would be unfair. I choose not to do that at this time. Am sure this will be a far bigger debate than anything we had so far.

Passion to Perform or Pressure to Perform?

The other issue from the movie, parental pressure, is very real, for earlier generations it was only to excel in studies. Now we are in a new age, there is pressure to excel in ones passion too. Look at the spate of reality shows with children. I think you can see what I am hinting. We have heard about striving to be a Sachin Tendulkar or a Lata Mangeshkar, no one talks about the millions who tried and failed. It’s a new pressure that is building up and 3 idiots I guess just aggravated the matter a little bit. Hmm, did I catch the tigers tail again. It’s my take and you can disagree with it. Comments most welcome.

Simple Conclusion

To sum it up, out of all the wonderful comments on my post, according to me, there is one that hits the nail on the coffin.

Rahul Reddy said...

“ Follow your passions is the truth but not the complete truth. Its about 1/3rd of the truth or (a close approximation thereof). 

Career Choice depend on Passion, Ability and Market opportunity.
The strugglers of Mumbai are about passion minus the ability.
Indian Parents discouraging sports is about Passion minus market opportunity.

3i of course picks the sexy 1/3rd. Am i complaining. Hell no, i had a great time."

Enjoy, yes, so did we all, its just that I tried to look at the other side of the story, and its totally unsexy. Trust me, real life is a different ball game.

Cheers and Best of Luck!

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