Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Curse of Ram Gopal Varma!

There is a bizarre truth about RGV's films! 

I have written twice about Ram Gopal Varma on my blog, the first one I called 'The truth about the man', and the second 'The De-Evolution of Ram Gopal Varma'.

However, the reason why I am writing this mini post today is to share with you a bizarre observation that struck me after the bomb blasts in Hyderabad a week before the release of his next film 'The Attacks of 26/11”.

Reality competes with Fiction!

It is often said that 'art imitates life' and in RGV's case he has done that numerous times. That isn't a big deal. But have you ever heard of "life imitating art imitating life?" and that too multiple times. I bet not.

Now read this:

June 14 - 2000, RGV's 'Jungle' based on the dreaded sandalwood smuggler Veerappan releases. Movie is all over the news for its theme while the actual man in the jungle has been silent for years. But just after the movie's release, Veerappan once again entered the headlines with the kidnapping of Kannada superstar Rajkumar.

RGV’s movie about the underworld 'Contract’ releases on July 18, 2008 and it has scenes of a terrorist explaining motives behind how and why bombs should be exploded. A few days later there are blasts in Ahmedabad that are eerily similar in manner to the ones explained in the film. TV channels and newspapers too carried reports about these similarities.

In 2010 'Raktha Charitra' the biopic about the faction war in Andhra Pradesh between Paritala Ravi and Maddela Suri makes headline news while the actual people on whom the movie is based are once again all out of action. Paritala Ravi was already dead for some years and Suri hardly made any news at that time. Ten days after the movie’s release, guess what? Suri is murdered, shot in cold blood.

Maria Susairaj, involved in the brutal murder of Neeraj Grover, was a news maker in 2008 who vanished from the headlines only to suddenly and most bizarrely come back into the news as she was released from jail just days before RGV's movie based on her 'Not A Love Story' hit the theatres.

And the most puzzling of them all, Kasab was hanged out of the blue just before RGV started filming the climax of 'The Attacks of 26/11’ thereby giving the film its desired ending and now the most bizarre of all, there is a terror attack in Hyderabad just a week before 'The Attacks of 26/11' is due for release.

Unconnected they all seem but just the number of these coincidences baffle my mind. There could be many other movies under this category of 'life imitating art imitating life’ genre, but the sheer number of movies from RGV that follow this bizarre pattern is shocking.

I wonder if he is a soothsayer or if his movies are cursed!

P.S: Curiosity overdrive, wonder what RGV is attempting to make next. Maybe we should suggest him some good ideas to get rid of some of our problems minus the collateral damage. Please suggest in the comments!